The news of the extermination of the Israeli regime in the Quran

Read verses 1 to 7 of the Qur'an

Why do the Imam and the Supreme Leader pay special attention to the issue of Palestine? Why is Iran's leadership strong against Israel?
Does this matter also have a Quranic basis?

In the verses of one to seven surahs of the Priests, the Lord says in the prediction of the future to the Israelites that you will rape twice on the earth. He said that in the Torah we told the Israelites that they would be violated twice in the land, and then he would say that he would take revenge on you both times.
Referring to history, you find that their first rape took place many years before Islam, which was responded to by the invasion of Bakhtnar. In the second violation, the Lord will promise to take a sharp response.
But where's the second rape of the Bani Israel?
In the history of another rape for the Israelis, there is no single incident, it is a rape of Palestine.
According to the Qur'an in verse 6, are not these Israelis who have been possessed of wealth, property and weapons and nuclear weapons?
Have they not violated Palestine, which the whole world knows about?
It is interesting to note some of the nuances in these verses:
1. Speaking of Palestine and al-Aqsa mosque in the first verses
2- Use of the word "Israeli Bible" instead of "Jew" and its relation to the Israeli regime
3. The use of the word mosque in verse 7 for the Bani of Israel, while the Muslim mosque is not Jewish, it is clear that where they occupy the second time is an important mosque in it.

The question now is who will fulfill this divine promise?
In this world of today's greatness, with the exception of Seyyed Ali Khamenei Khorasani, who is opposed to Israel? Who called the Palestinian issue the first issue in the Islamic world? Who in the world holds the Palestinian Conference in the world? Who was the one who declared that we support anyone who fights with Israel, apart from religion and religion? Who said decisively that Israel would disappear over the next 25 years? Who has the army called Quds and its purpose is to liberate Quds? And .....? Who but Seyyed Ali Khamenei?

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